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A nyílt hozzáféréstől a nyílt tudomány felé OpenAIRE-Advance (2018–2021)
Judit Fazekas-Paragh, Gyöngyi Karácsony

Utoljára módosítva: 2018-12-22


From Open Access to Open Science: the OpenAIRE-Advance project (2018–2021)

An exciting new chapter of the OpenAIRE project-series was launched on January 1, 2018. The mission of OpenAIRE-Advance is to support Open Access and Open Data mandates in Europe and worldwide. The project plays a strong role in strengthening and optimizing services with an end-user (everyone who’s been involved in the research lifecycle) optimized Dashboard system. One of its main goals is to make the Pan-European helpdesks more powerful through the NOAD (National Open Access Desk) system so that the NOADs will become key actors in consolidating the national Open Science movement. It commits the research society to Open Science in such a way as to channel Open Science as a service into the research lifecycle. Its primary task is to promote changes in scientific communication, so OpenAIRE will support the development of new generation repositories with new functionalities and new technologies. Hungary is represented in the project by the University of Debrecen University and National Library. We take part in the three workpackages concentrating on

• the construction of dissemination and communication channels between stakeholders,

• strengthening and operating the NOAD network, thus providing stakeholders with assistance and training opportunities, and

• the development of information and training materials and providing trainings on Open Science


DOI: 10.31915/NWS.2018.5

Fazekas-Paragh Judit - ORCID: 0000-0003-0364-2423



scientific communication, open science, open access, OpenAIRE

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